Europe’s Longest Buildings

In the beginning the buildings, which affected by architectural elements, take the place of power and money in time. Many of these magnificent buildings are located in Moscow.

Federation Tower

Federation Tower which completed in 2016 is one of the most important icons in Moscow. This structure, with a length of 374 meters, has an innovative look. The building is divided into two sections, the east and the west.


OKO: South Tower

OKO Tower opened in 2015 has a height of 354 meters and 90 floors. This elegant and modern building is located in Moscow. The cost of the building is $ 372 million. This apartment has many apartments, parking spaces and offices.

Mercury City Tower

The Mercury City Tower in Moscow was completed in 2013. It is a remarkable feature that the exterior wall of the building is made of copper. The building, which is 338.8 meters high, consists of offices and residences. The building has 75 floors.


The Shard

The Shard, located in London, is one the major centers of the United Kingdom. This building is used publicly. The Shard is very important to United Kingdom thanks to on the list of the highest buildings in Europe outside of Moscow.


Eurasia Tower

This classic-looking building, 292 meters long, is located in Moscow. There are offices, apartments, entertainment centers and a hotel in this building. This tower, which has an area of two million square meters, is also known as Steel Park.

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