European Side Record on the Contribution Fees Competing with House Rent

The conribution fees have been increasing due to social reinforcements with the increasing branded projects, moreover, the contribution fees are same with the house rents in some projects…




Technologic developments caused to increase the social domains in the branded projects. Concordantly, this caused to increase the prices on the contribution fees. Some projects are competing with the house rent. According to the conduct researches, there is a record on the contribution fees in İstanbul, especially in the European Side. REIDIN, known with its researches, investigated the contribution fees. In the conducted research, it has been investigated the “Contribution Fees of Housing Projects” and it has showed up the contribution fees in 2016.

As a result of the research, the highest ratio of the contribution fees for the housing is in İstanbul in “European Side” among the three cities which are İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir. In the highest contribution fee is 18 TL for a square meter in the Eurpean Side in İstanbul. The lowest contribution fee is 0.33 TL for a square meter in Ankara.  This means that the highest contribution fee is 1800 TL for 100 square meter in İstanbul and the lowest one is 33 TL for 100 square meter in Ankara.

Increasing Fees with the Features

Though the branded housing projects have same specifications, the contribution fees are differing seriously. While the contribution fee is 3 TL in a Project having indoor sports hall, indoor-outdoor pool, security and wide social area, this fee is more than 7 TL i the other one with same features.  This case have been evaluated by the experts in the sector that “Some building companies stay in the management after completed the Project, these companies are transferring the renatl incomes of some commercial units. About 150.000 TL is being used for expenses. However, some companies are transferring the management to a management company. This company want to gain profit, hence the contribution fee is differing about twice.


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