Each City’s Zoning And Construction Plans Will Be Separate

Technology and Science continue to progress day by day. Positive improvements in many areas of our life are the subject of studies conducted in the light of scientific knowledge. Some of these improvements are also emerging in the construction world. Because the developments experienced in the construction world are strengthened with scientific data. Turkey is one of the major producers in the construction sector. Every year the country completes hundreds of thousands of new housing projects. The experience of the country in the construction sector both at home and abroad has taken an extraordinary dimension. As part of this progress, some domestic criteria have now been put into practice.


Mehmet Özhaseki, Minister of Environment and Urbanism of the Republic of Turkey, has brought a solution to a topic discussed for many years. Turkey is very large and has a very different geography. There are big local differences between Istanbul and the East. It is a scientific fact that the city is an earthquake region. In this light of scientific evidence, different construction projects should be applied. Mehmet Özhaseki said that building projects in every city will be prepared considering different conditions. In this respect, the unnecessary costs of cities without earthquake zones will be removed, and more stringent measures will be taken in cities with earthquakes. Also the new term in Istanbul will start soon. In this way, plans and projects that are much stronger in the new houses will take place.

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