E-Commerce Initiative In The Real Estate Sector: Evtiko

In 2016, a new internet initiative emerged in Turkey. The initiative was able to take a big step. It is now the biggest online real estate company in the country. Founded as a project of Sina Safran and her team, the Evtiko founders include Can Günay and Aziz Sancaroglu, who are the industry’s experienced names. Moreover, it is easy to buy houses with online facilities with the project which has succeeded in attracting large investors from abroad. Evtiko has a value of 50 million Turkish Liras. This is a very large resource and continues to grow.

The home Evtiko initiative is very different from the classic sales initiatives. With this system, the customer search period is starting from the middle, because Evtiko is buying your house from you. To summarize the operation of the system: there are two different methods. The first of these is done by calling the call center. In this method, the person who wants to sell the house informs about the house and prepares a form with the customer representative. According to this form a minimum of 2 days to come home expert to assess a value. This value is transmitted to the person who wants to sell the house. If the person who wants to sell the house agrees to buy it, the purchase of the house takes place within a maximum of 72 hours. In the second method, the expert in the direction of the form created online makes determinations within the same periods and transmits the offer to you again in the same period for the purchase. If you accept, the purchase of the house is completed within the same period.

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