Depreciation Leader Beylikdüzü

Depreciation Leader Beylikdüzü

Everyone is getting a different kind of home while they are buying a house. Some are in need of housing to meet your needs. Some people can be two or three hosts. The result is rent income. There are some important points to getting income from rent. One of these points is the depreciation time. It is important how soon the houses will be depreciated. This is important to cover the money you have invested with rent income. House prices in Istanbul are quite high. But it is possible to find a house that suits everyone's budget.

Research conducted

Istanbul There is an organization operating in Yıldız Technical University. The name of this organization is Turkey Data Processing center. Turkey Data Processing carried out a research center. Information about the shortest period of housing depreciation was collected. The first order was taken by the county of Esenyurt. A house bought in Esenyurt is paying its own money in 17 years. The situation is the same in Beylikduzu province. The depreciation of the houses taken in these districts is much easier. Rent rates are high in these districts. In this way, the house money can be easily removed.

What is the Situation in Other Provinces?

A research was conducted in Istanbul. All the counties were counted. When all the districts were examined, it was seen that this number was 22. Esenyurt has a good depreciation time with 17 years. A house you bought in other cities is depreciating itself in 22 years. Your money goes to the book after 22 years. Esenyurt has accomplished this in 17 years.

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