Current real estate prices in Sariyer province are increasing with the tunnel, subway, 3rd bridge, airport and new environment road projects in recent years. These big projects that cause the mobilization of the illegal cause especially foreign investors to turn to the region and increase the house prices. Especially the boutique sites and luxurious residences in the district are attracted by domestic and foreign investors.


Luxury housing prices in Sariyer

With large projects being built, housing prices in the region have doubled in dollar terms in recent years. The average square meter prices of the houses located in the boutique sites on the line of Tarabya-İstinye are located between 8-10 thousand dollars. Zekeriyakoy-Kilyos line of luxury housing in the square meters of the price is around 4-5 thousand dollars is seen. The rental income is also very good income for those investors who are generally dollar-based.

Current real estate prices in Sariyer

The price of 1 + 1 apartment for sale in Sariyer starts from 300.000 TL. It increases according to whether or not it is included in the site. 1 + 1 residences located in luxury sites attracts students and instructors from Koç University. These 1 + 1 apartments have a minimum rental price of around 2.400 TL. With this minimum price, it is seen that the houses will be depreciated in 12 years.

The prices of 2 + 1 apartment for sale in a single building start from 320.000 TL. The prices of the apartments are gradually increasing according to the location, the interior is well-maintained and is located within the site. The minimum 2 + 1 apartment rent in the district is between 1.800 – 2.000 TL. With this price, the apartments will be depreciated in about 14 years.

Generally 3 + 1 for sale apartments preferred by families with children starts from around 325.000 TL. It is increasing according to location and in-house features. The minimum rent for these apartments is around £ 2,000. In the direction of the figures, these apartments also amortize themselves in about 14 years.

Rental prices

Sariyer's rent fees, whether the store owner to take place within the site varies. In addition, the care level, the sea view option and the location are also effective.

The 1 + 1 apartments in the region are usually located in luxurious sites. Rent prices start at around 2.400 TL. As a location, Maslak is located in Ayazağa region.

It is also possible to find 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 rental apartments at more affordable prices in the district. There are 3 + 1 rental apartment options starting from 1.800 TL and starting from 2 + 1 and 2.000 TL. These suitable residences usually reside in the singular buildings in the Mines, Huzur and Ayazağa areas.

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