Current real estate prices in Güngören are below the average for residential and rented homes in Istanbul in the last year. In Gungoren, the price of residential property for sale in square meters in July 2017 is calculated as TL 3.042. The price of rented house is determined as 13 TL per square meter. In this average, residences located in Güngören are offered for sale under the average of Istanbul. Average prices have been rising steadily over the past year.


Land prices in Güngören

The prices of square meters for sale in Istanbul are not much more than other districts are more suitable for Güngören. The high land prices are due to the fact that they are both commercial and residential on the main street besides the size of square meters. The places where these areas are located are designated as new settlement areas of Güngören in the future. It is expected that luxury sites and residences will be built in the region.


Current real estate prices in Güngören

Land and property prices for sale in Güngören are increasing day by day. New sites and residential areas are available in Güngören, which is suitable for new settlement. Housing for 1 + 1 sale in Gungoren starts from 100.000 TL. The highest price of 1 + 1 residential houses in this district is 790.000 TL. 2 +1 apartments for sale in Gungoren province starts from 125.000 TL and goes up to 895.000 TL.

Housing prices for 3 + 1 residential properties are offered for sale starting from 175.000 TL up to 1.840.000 TL. These prices vary according to the area and surroundings where the residential property is located. The prices of the houses built as a site and constructed as landscapes are much higher than the apartments.

Current rental apartment prices in Güngören

Rent apartments in Istanbul Güngören find tenants at different prices in different districts. High rents vary depending on the year of construction and proximity to transportation networks. The prices of 1 + 1 house rentals start from 1,150 TL. 1 + 1 rent apartments in Güngören with a ceiling worship of 5.500 TL. 2 + 1 rental apartments starting from 500 TL and up to 660 EUR.

The most preferred rental houses in Güngören consist of 3 rooms and 1 saloon. 3 + 1 apartments are rented at much higher prices than others. These apartments range from 1,200 TL to 2,500 TL. It is generally located in old settlements. Housing rents in Güngören are much lower than in other cities of Istanbul. This is because the number of new buildings is small in this district.

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