Current Real Estate Prices in Gaziosmanpaşa!

When prices of 2017 are examined in Gaziosmanpaşa, the price of square meters for sale is determined as 3.167 TL

The new residential areas in Gaziosmanpaşa are constructed with very luxurious residences. These dwellings carry modern lines with environmental regulation, safety, shopping malls and parks. Especially in the housing made in this region, there is settlement in the form of a site. In some of these sites, houses were built considering the settlement characteristics of the Venetian city. Sites in the Karadeniz district of the Gaziosmanpaşa district were built as small models of the Venetian city. In these sites, the canal project passing through the center was tried to be made similar to the Venetian channel. At the same time, the stores next to the canal are also designed with breezes from Italian architecture. Housing prices for sale in this district range from 500,000 TL to 1,750,000 TL. Rental housing prices in this area vary between 1,200 TL and  3,750 TL.


Current real estate prices in Gaziosmanpaşa

Gaziosmanpaşa is one of the most interesting districts of Istanbul in the investment field in recent years. According to the July 2017 real estate index of this county has been the district where the sale of the most housing was made. Housing prices for 1 + 1 sale in this area starts from 110.000 TL. The highest price for 1 + 1 residential property is offered for sale with  540.000 TL. In Gaziosmanpaşa, apartments with 2 + 1 for sale are determined as 155.000 TL minimum and 820.000 TL maximum. Apartments with 3 + 1 for sale are starting from 170.000 TL. It is seen that the highest figure for apartments with 3 + 1 for sale in this district is 1.450.000 TL.

Gaziosmanpaşa is one of the most open districts of Istanbul for development and settlement. Rented housing prices in the district have been rising considerably in recent years and are below the average in Istanbul. Housing prices for 1 + 1 rent in this district start from 800 TL. The highest rent for these rented houses is 2.400 TL. 2 + 1 rental apartments have rental prices ranging from 800 TL to 2,950 TL. Apartments with 3 + 1 rent in Gaziosmanpaşa are valued with rents between 1,000 TL and 3,750 TL. Due to the fact that it is a new settlement area, there are many apartments and settlements in Gaziosmanpaşa district.


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