Çet Mansions 900 Thousand Tl Immediately Delivered In Güngören

Çet Building's rising project at Güngören offers Çet Mansions, with the prices starting from 900 thousand TL.


Çet Construction, Istanbul European Side Güngören Mehmet Nesih Özmen'da Çet Mansions project has passed the dream. The apartments in the project are sold with the delivery option immediately. Çet Mansions consist of 2 blocs 39 dairens. The houses consist of 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 options in the project. The 3 + 1 apartments in the project with the option of purchasing with a bank credit vary between 123-160 square meters and the 4 + 1 apartments vary between 147 and 250 square meters. The prices of apartments in Çet Mansions starts from 900 thousand TL.


The Çet Mansions project includes social facilities such as sauna, security, parking, green space and children's play areas.

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