Certificates Of Real Estate Can Be Obtained From The Electronic Government Portal

Bagcilar Municipality ranked first among the local administrations with a total of 27 services, 26 of which were offered through the e-Government Portal with 1 integrated Service Application. Bagcilar is now able to process transactions from all official institutions quickly and without waste of time.

Bagcilar Municipality electronic services can improve the speed and quality of service of the population in an area that is growing every day. In Bagcilar Municipality introduced electronic document management system (EDS), to use information technology in the service sector the fastest and most efficient way. Also uses all possible applications of smart technology, making the most efficient operation of the municipality. Thanks to the electronic system of the municipality, Bağcılar Municipality saves time and paper, can serve the residents of the area for a variety of operations, including real estate.

Now various agencies teamed up in a single system, which greatly simplifies the customer service. on the electronic government portal, you can not only pay taxes, register of civil status of citizens, and more, but now   also to issue a  real estate value certificate. Development of information technology greatly simplifies the modern life. The inclusion of electronic systems for a variety of operations on real estate is one more step on the path of progress. Now citizens can perform transactions in all official institutions quickly and without wasting time. Turkish Government every year simplifies the official procedures in all areas of public life.

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