Brand New Investment From Famous Turkısh Sınger

Famous Turkish singer Rafet El Roman told the reporters that he was going to invest in something surprising.

Who is Rafet El Roman?

Rafet El Roman is a 49 year old singer, song writer, composer and an actor in Turkey. He was born in Edirne in 1968. He goes by his stage name as it’s known today but his real name is Rafet Yaşdut. He has many successful albums and songs which people in Turkey and his fans worldwide still enjoy and cherish no matter how many years have passed. His most recent albüm was named “Mecnun” released in 2016. Also, he has 3 kids and was married to Tuğba Altıntop between the dates of 1996-2002.

It Wıll Be A Bıg Investment

Famous singer Rafet El Roman’s latest business attempt came as surprise to most. Roman, expecting his business to zoom ahead, is expanding his activities with a brand new hotel he’s going to build in KKTC.

Earlier in the week, coming across some reporters, Roman stated that he was currently in a bussiness meeting and said “I am going into tourism business. I had bought a land in KKTC a while ago and now I’m considering to build a hotel there. As of now it is just me in the business with no partnership but I’d like to find a business partner to make things easier. It isn’t going to be a small one like a boutique hotel. It is going to be a big one and a big investment as you know.”

Rafet El Roman is going to build a hotel in KKTC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus).

I had bought a land in Northern Cyprus a while ago and now I consider building a hotel on it. Not that kind of boutique hotel, a big, proper one. It is going to be a very big investment.”

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