Brand-new Houses When Terrorism Lost

Terror has caused great damage to the eastern region in the past years. To meet these losses, the state began to work with all its might. Various opportunities are being offered for people who are homeless in this region. Newly added to projects every day. The last project was to love the people living in the eastern region. With the recent decision, it is reported that the construction of 26 000 new houses has started. Thanks to these new constructions, the homeless people are given the hymn to provide the house.


Minister Disclosed

Minister of Environment and Urbanism Ozhaseki was in some statements. He explained that he had traveled to Hakkari, Şırnak and Cizre in many times in the last 5 months. He said he saw the situation of the people living there. He stated that the damage was paid. According to the decision, 26 000 new houses were built and they started to be delivered to their new owners. He also said that in the first days there was not enough agreement. Shuan was reported to have good dealings.

New Projects In Progress

New projects are expected to arrive in this region in the coming days. First of all, security measures were improved in the region. The area that has been cleaned from terrorists now offers a more peaceful life. The minister stated that everyone would feel comfortable and live a peaceful life. It has been reported that every possibility of the state is mobilized. Sırnak and Hakkari, such as everything in the province will be more beautiful, expressed the development of brotherhood understanding.

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