Borsa Istanbul’s “Herif” Explanation

Chairman of the Himmet Karadag said that they had examined the fund but as as a result of the examination they didn’t find any criminal issue. There is no illegality in his transactions.

Himmet Karadag explained that the fund that is known “Herif” makes logical and profitable decisions. There is a recent uptrend in the stock market. This might be caused as a result of “Herif”’s estimation related to the referendum’s results. He made logical purchases according to his estimates on the stock market. Himmet Karadag told that he believe in the domestic market players; the domestic market players may realize high volume transactions.” Herif”’s identity hasn’t been identified yet.


Stock Markets Predicts “Yes”

In the stock markets there was an expectation the referendum’s result would be “yes”. Karadag said “Herif” made purchases in that direction.  “Yatirim Finansman” was on the agenda last year which as an institution that a mysterious investor traded in.  Many analysist said algorithmic transactions had directed the Stock Markets by big transactions; this situation wasn’t being caused from an investor in the market.

“Turkish Stocks are Cheap”

Herif’s Purchases are logical, consistent and profitable investment decisions. His transactions aren’t manipulative. His past transactions have also been examined and everything is appropriate with the stock market rules. Himmet Karadag also told about the Turkish Stocks. According to his view the Turkish Stocks are under their real worth. He said that this is attractive for the foreign investor.

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