Borsa Istanbul Earns World Leader

Despite all attempts to perceive negative perception in the economy, the Stock Exchange Istanbul has risen 14.82% since the beginning of the year. The world’s most rising market Borsa Istanbul, which achieved a rise of 8.9 percent with a net foreign inflow of 630 million dollars in 2016, when Turkey experienced the biggest economic and political attacks of its history, writes about history in 2017.

Despite the efforts of those who want to create a perception of economic crisis, the Borsa Istanbul has been the world’s highest rising market with 14.82 percent since the beginning of the year, due to the increasing interest in Turkey. Poland, Argentina and Brazil followed the Borsa Istanbul in turn, respectively. According to the lowest level of BİST, this was the highest rising market of the year. In the last three months it has also risen to second place among the best performing stock exchanges.

The Greatest Summit

Since 1 December, the Istanbul Stock Exchange, which has risen 24 percent, has reached its highest level in 26 months, based on 90 thousand shares. Parallel to the rise in the index of companies trading in the stock market at the end of 2016 585 billion pounds market value of 680 billion TL broke. While the value of the companies is in dollar terms, it increased by 17 billion dollars to 183 billion dollars. The increase in the value of companies since December 1, 2016 was TL 142 billion.

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