Blind Pool To Rise In April, Forex Is No Different From Gambling

Borsa Istanbul Chairman Himmet Karadağ answered the questions of journalists after the CEO Club meeting.

Montenegro, Turkcell and Koç Holding said that the process was based on the algorithm and that the process was transferred to the CMB. Montenegro continued his words as follows:

Let’s say that you have entered an algorithm to get the Turkcell share which is traded from 5 TL for 8 TL and the system started to work, what can we do at that point, or what we can do for 10 TL No. I have circuit breakers to protect the system against extreme volatility when there is up and down fluctuations in certain price levels, and I do not think it is a systemic risk for us.”

On Wednesday, Turkcell shares fell 9.7 percent in one minute, while Koç Holding shares fell 10 percent in the same period.

“If the business is a healthy business, is it a healthy source of income? If your qualified investors in the capital market are over 95% in loss and dissatisfaction, then that transaction is not a health transaction, I have a futures and option stock. If done with institutional meta-logos, it’s okay, but it’s not much different from the forex-wise gamble, and the gambling-driven transactions do not fit in with the capital market.”

In relation to the transfer of the stock exchange to the asset fund of the Istanbul Stock Exchange, the decision of the government is “100% of the state fund is the asset fund, and we will continue to do the same with no change in the strategies at present. Mehmet Bostan makes the announcement of the press, and we support the asset fund, the capital markets and the stock exchange as well as the maximum amount of money that will bring synergy and very nice securities. “

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