Bizarre Points in Real Estate: Housing is More Profitable Than Certificate

Turkey's first real estate certificate made earn less from residences in the same region as of May.

In indexes that measure the rate of increase in housing prices in Istanbul is seen an increase of prices of housing in Başakşehir, while the certificate issued to Park Mavera 3, which was constructed with TOKİ and Macro Construction Partnership in the same region, has declined.


The average prices in Basaksehir region, which was 3,506 TL per square meter in April, reached 3 thousand 651 TL in May. Accordingly, monthly prices in Basaksehir increased by 4 percent.

The average square meter price of 3 thousand 595 TL in April, increased to 3 thousand 703 TL in May. According to this index, the increase in the region was recorded as 3 percent.In index, zero houses in Başakşehir region were observed to increase from April to May. In April, the price of 2 thousand 858 liras in May increased by 5 percent to 3 thousand liras.

real-estate-index.png real estate index

In Başakşehir, housing prices increased monthly, while the real estate certificate of the same region's projected decrease was 3.8 percent.The real estate certificate, traded under the code PMVR3, was traded at 39,12 TL at the end of April, while at the end of May the figure was 37,62.


Park Mavera 3, which will be made with TOKİ and Macro revenue sharing model according to the information on the internet site of Park Mavera 3 project, has parks and apartments of different sizes. 


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