Big Share In Investments Is To Worn Out Facilities

The 2017 Fall Semester Investment Survey conducted by the CBRT with the participation of 2 thousand 104 companies operating in manufacturing industry was published.

Accordingly, during the fall this year, the increase in gross investment expenditures by 2017 compared with the previous year was 30.7 percent higher than anticipated in the spring period.


When the workplaces are evaluated according to size groups, the increase rate of investment expenditures is seen in all the size groups is seen as 22.9 percent, 16.3 percent and 35 percent, respectively, in the places where the number of employees is between 50 and 249, between 250 and 499 and 500 and above.

According to the results of the fall-season survey this year, investment expenditures next year will be 33.6 percent higher than the previous year's current prices.

The change in the investments expected to be made next year compared to the previous year is evaluated in terms of size groups of workplaces and it is expected that a higher investment increase compared to 2017 is expected in all size groups of workplaces and the highest increase is 42.5% it was observed that workplaces with a worker number of 500 and over, employees between 50 and 249 were followed by 36.8 percent and 24 percent, respectively.

When investments are assessed for their purposes, this year's investments were aimed at replacing more worn-out facilities and equipment. This was followed by increasing productivity in production, increasing production capacity and other investment targets.

According to the assessment of work places by size groups, investments in 2017 were aimed at replacing worn out facilities and equipment in all size groups.

It is predicted that next year's investments will be aimed at replacing more worn out facilities and equipments, increasing efficiency in production, increasing production capacity and monitoring other investment targets.

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