Big Investment On Sports Facilities

The ministry of Youth and Sports declared that the budget for facility investments is 540.531.000 TRY.  According to the officials, the ministry started with 472 million TRY allowance in the beginning of 2016 and increased the amount at the second half of the year.

Hundreds of New Facilities

Many of the projects that started in 2016 are soon to be completed and 130 projects, including football field, swimming pools, youth center, sports center and other sports facilities are still under construction.

According to the records; 37 of 72 pools, 296 of 329 football fields, 141 of 259 youth centers, 284 of 183 sports centers and 18 of 30 athletics track has been completed in the year of 2016.

Big Projects for Stadiums

The ministry of Youth and Sports had completed stadiums in the cities of Afyon, Antalya, Bursa, Eskişehir, Konya, Mersin, Sivas and Trabzon. Also 14 stadiums are still under construction. 74 per cent of the planned 126 sports centers was completed at the end of the year and 1130 projects had been done in total.

Neighborhood Sports Centers

Minister of Youth and Sports Akif Kılıç continues on working on the neighborhood sports centers project which aims to establish qualified sports centers people can have easy access to. 852 neighborhood sports centers had been established in 2016, including football fields, basketball and volleyball facilities. This project especially targets the youth who do not have regular and easy access to sportive activities.

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