Big Data-Buggest Future Investment Area

NGN provides technology services in the sectors of banking, finance, production and energy. The company provides innovative solutions and services from cyber security to 3D technology.

NGN deputy chairman of executive board Mufit Suer declared that their aim is to create value added technological solutions to leader companies of Turkey. NGN is among the companies, which showed the best performance over the last years. In the last 3 years, NGN grew 5 times of its size.

Turkish Cloud Market is 80 Million Dollars

Big data is the trending subject in IT and data processing sectors. Suer stated that protecting and managing the big data is as important as having big data. It is mostly found at the heart of important sectors. He said they predict that “big data” will be one of the leading investment areas in the future.

According to IDC, Turkey’s cloud market will increase by 20 percent, which equals the value to 80 million dollars. Suez mentioned that NGN is trying to make a difference in cloud services in Turkey. They work according to the customer’s needs using the latest technology. He said social media also plays an important role in collecting data and Turkey is a great source for mobility, software and IoT with its young and dynamic population.

Challenge of Security

Suez stated in his speech that cyber security is the biggest challenge in the sector. There are always cyber threats in IT sector and they can affect the big data. Any damage to big data would be costly and the companies must be aware of the importance. He claimed that NGN will ensure the latest technology security to its customers.

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