Bids for Çandarlı Highway Tender in 15th February

İzmir is the third biggest city in turkey with its industry and population. Recently, there have been many giant projects which contribute many developments  in the city. One of the most important projects is İzmir – Çandarlı Highway Project.



İzmir – Çandarlı Highway will be constructed between the places Nemrut, Menemen, Aliağa, Çandarlı. Approximately, this place has been using by 60 thousands cars in a day. The bids for the tender will be received in 15th February 2017. It is planned that the Project will be started to construct in 2017 and will be completed in the next three years. According to the Project, the Highway will be 76 kilometers and will have six lanes totally, three lanes to go and three lanes to back. After completed the Project, the problem caused by the heavy vehicles of the ports of the Tüpraş and Petkim in Nemrut will be solved. The transportation of the people in Menemen, Aliağa and Çandarlı will get easier. There will be an alternative for the way going to Ayvalık, Bergama and Çanakkale from İzmir through Çandarlı.

In the Project that will be realised as build-operate-transfer, it is estimated that 35-40 thousands cars will pass from the way Daily. The Project, Çiğli – Aliağa – Çandarlı Highway will begin from theSasalı Crossover Road, will finalise in the place of Çandarlı Port by passing Hatundere and Helvacı areas through from the West of Aliağa Industrial Zone.

In the Project, there will be 14 crossover roads, 4 graded junctions, 6 fee collection zones, 3 Highway serving zone and 7 viaducts.

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