Beykoz’ s Star Shines with Investments

After the construction of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, Beykoz rapidly entered the urbanization phase and state investments has been continuing around the location. After Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge’s construction completed and put into service, the region has been attracting the investors. Beykoz, gathers attraction with the state projects which will be completed next year. Üsküdar – Beykoz subway construction has been expected to be completed in 2019.



“We Have Trust in Region”


With the ferry line which will be put in service in the first months of the new year, the distance between Çubuklu and İstinye will be decreased to 7 – 8 minutes. These investments are considered to increase the interest to the region and with that real estate prices are expected to be increased.


The Real Estate Prices Have Been Increased in Region for the Last 5 Years

The real estate specialists express that, the real estate prices started increasing in 2004, and approximately 10 firms are competing in the region. After the region declared as “Special Project Area”, large number of investors started gathering the lands in past few years. The specialists also state that, the real estate prices have been increased 208% in the last 12 years. They also mention that, while a condo price was around 128 thousand liras around 10 years ago, it was increased to around 218 thousand in 2008, and nowadays it has been sold to around 381 thousand Turkish Lira and increase in real estate sector has been observed in the nearby regions, too.

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