Beware Of Real Estate Franchise Seekers!

For the first time in Turkey, the “MGA Digital Realty” brand, which operates on the internet in the real estate sector, has begun to give Office Franchise. According to the classic real estate franchise system, the new generation “MGA Digital Realty” works over the internet. With 38 years of experience, the American-based company aims to bring a new breath to the sector with global real estate consultants by opening real estate franchise offices in Turkey.

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Compared to high-cost franchise real estate brands, the new generation online real estate franchise brand MGA Digital Realty, which operates on low-cost internet, offers only marketing-sales capability without carrying financial and administrative burden of the office. At this point the franchise offices are spending all their energy to make money. The brand allows the parent company to work in the ready offices in the major cities of Istanbul and the country when the office is needed for the meeting or for their specific needs.

MGA Digital, which offers young entrepreneurs the opportunity to start new businesses without their office load on their backs and to do their own business, aims to teach the international rules by selling the portfolio to entrepreneurs abroad on the network. Digital Franchise offices have extensive information, especially the US market. Through the network, entrepreneurs learn to sell foreigners and receive legal support from MGA Digital in case of any dispute. Residence permits and citizenship services, as well as all other property sellers are privileged.

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