Babacan Holding Company, Was Sponsored By 11. Istanbul Real Estate Fair

Babacan Holding is one of the rising conglomerates of Turkey. Babacan Holding was the sponsor of the 11th Istanbul Real Estate Fair, which will be held at the Hilton Convention Exhibition Center on 20 and 21 May this year. The fair has 250 projects and 52 companies.


Babacan Holding, which is the main sponsor of this fair, which is one of the most important meetings in the real estate field, will exhibit its projects in fuard. Those who want to own housing for both investment and residence are offered 20% discount for this fair.


Many important issues will be discussed in the scope of the Real Estate Fair and at the Arab-Turkish Summit. These are overviews of the Arab geography and real estate sector in the world, opportunities for real estate and the future of the real estate sector.


This fair, which is an important meeting of the sector, will be the guests from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar, Jordan, Azerbaijan, BAE, Egypt and Iraq, especially the Gulf Countries.

More than 147,000 real estate investors and professionals have gathered up to now, and in 2016 16,478 sector representatives, investors and professionals were brought together.

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