At the CNR Estate Summit the Urban Transformation was Invested in the Table

The CNR Property Summit was held in 2016 with the intend of contribute to the economy of our country of the real estate sector, and investors showed great interest from Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asian countries. “New Solutions and Trends in Urban Transformation” was held at the session.



With Bloomberg HT News Coordinator Ali Çağatay’s Moderator, In Yeşilköy CNR EXPO’s session, Bağcılar Municipality Urban Design Manager Evren Erteğin, who gave information about the conversion work in Bağcılar, said that the conversion should not leave the design.

Erteğin stated that the municipality who won the municipality status in 1992 had built the wrong planet in the past and underlined that they are the local municipalities that implement planning, implementation and conversion for the first time in our country,

“Attach importance to participate and transparency in conversion”

Explaining that the project continues as an on-site transformation with 100 percent agreement in Bağcılar, Erteğin stated that they have also made social transformation. Erteğin, said: “our President, Lokman Çağırıcı, who calls firstly human, transparency and participation, emphasizes that we must be a substitute for the place.”

Erteğin who indicate that they are a district within the top 3 real estate increase in Istanbul, said that the physical infrastructure for solving social problems should be sufficient.  Also Evren Erteğin, “As the Municipality of Bağcılar, we have transformed into 4,600 independent units in cooperation with our fellow citizens. We are building structures with parking lot,  which has green area. ” said.

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