Are the Elevators Safe?

Are the Elevators Safe?

An elevator is a means of transportation that helps move people or goods to the other floors. Elevators are generally working with electric motors and cables. They are also used in agriculture and manufacturing to lift the materials. There several types of elevators such as the chain and bucket elevator. Because of its electric system and sensitive nature, elevators will be regularly checked and must be used after annual maintenance in order to avoid the disasters. According to the statistics in Turkey, 300 thousand elevators certainly cannot be used.


Actually elevators are one of the safest forms of transportations if the simple guidelines and maintenances have been taken account. However, 300 thousand elevators certainly cannot be used in Turkey.  Mechanical Engineers Chamber President Ali Ekber Açar said that during the controls 60 percent of the elevators are unavailable and received a red label. What are the means of the other labels? Green label elevators do not carry any risk in terms of loss of life and property. Yellow means is defective. Yellow label has a 2-month period. It needs to elimination of the problems during this period. Blue label is the most dangerous group after the red label. It needs to be resolved within a year.


300 Thousand elevators certainly cannot be used. In order not to experience painful events related to the elevator, control of the expert team is really important in this regard. In Turkey, expert team controls the availability of the elevators for the risk factors. According to the controls there are approximately 500 thousand elevators and 300 thousand of them took red label. 30 percent of them took green and 10 percents are blue and yellow. Red label is absolutely dangerous for the loss of life and property.  The elevator with red label shouldn’t be used.

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