Arbitrary Objections İn The Public Procurement System İs Blocking İnvestment

Yayla Energy Chairman Hüseyin Yayla said that although many changes were made to the public procurement system, malicious people delayed investments by using appeals.


Huseyin Yayla, who has been in the explanations about him, said, "A system called defense system has been established and people who do not agree with a tender are extending the process of tender by carrying it to different venues so today a tender does not result in 6-7 months."Hüseyin Yayla, who argues that many complaints such as rightful objections are not right, argues that "Arbitable objections lead to the extension of the term of the work unnecessarily, but no objection can be made to the article" objections made under the limit value will not be taken into account " Then we should not object to the results of it, "he said.


Hüseyin Yayla, who reminded that the tenders that investors have made are dragging in this way, leaving the institution concerned pausing and also preventing the investment programs of the related year, said, "We should be behind the state as our sector and our state should be behind the technology so that we can succeed together."


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