Arab Tourist Interest In Plateau

GOLF countries have reported a significant increase in the number of Arab tourists visiting Ordu in recent years. Land Register According to Cadastre records, in Ordu, 45 foreign properties were sold in 2017. It is reported that 39 of the land areas in Kentten are citizens of Saudi Arabia.

The Arab tourists who flocked to the Eastern Black Sea Region in recent years also show great interest in Ordu. Coming to Turkey and the Gulf countries, some 4 years heavily Arab tourists visiting Army, buying housing in the city, spends the summer season here. Especially in the summer months, the Arab tourists coming to the city, Kabadüz''a 2 thousand altitude highs depending on the Çambaşı Plateau and Aybastı'ye connected to the 1500-high Thursday Plateau said. It has been noted that Arab tourists bought more of the residence from the districts of Fatsa and Ünye. According to Land Registry Cadastre records, 45 foreigners were sold in Ordu in 2017, 39 of them were Saudi Arabian citizens.


Ordu Hotel and Travel Agencies Association President Ali Aydin, Arab tourists visiting the city bought property, Fatsa and Ünye districts began to build mass housing, said:
"Many of the tourists coming to our city from the Gulf countries prefer Boztepe, Aybasti Thursday Plateau, but not so much, but because of the road some of them are Çambaşı Plateau and the other parts are Ünye and Fatsa, the places where the waterfalls are located. It is important to note that the green nature and the water resources are abundant in the region, so we can say that there is a serious Arab storm in the Eastern Black Sea especially for a few years.The most important city is Trabzon.Especially Uzungöl has another place for Arabs and gradually, the people who started coming to get some real estate, place, housing etc. Especially in Ünye and Fatsa, they started to make mass housing in places where nature and green are intertwined.

President Aydin also emphasized that the existing houses meet the accommodation requests in the city. Aydin also said that some entrepreneurs in the area of ​​highland tourism are investing in hotels, pensions and eating places in Çabaşı highlands with Aybastı Perşembe, which is visited more frequently.

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