An Outstanding Investment From Slovenia To Turkey

On 13 June 2017, Igor Jukic paid a visit to Ankara Chamber of Commerce’s head Gürsel Baran and they posed for cameras with a few financial or economical news about Turkey. Jukic said that Turkey does not impress by economic fluctuation and Turkey is not just about İstanbul, Ankara has more business capacity and in return Baran said that they are open to all investment.


Slovenia’s ambassador Igor Jukic talked about a factory which will constructed 30-40 distance to Ankara. This factory will produce turbines for barrages also Jukic notified that the annual exportation of Turkey to Slovenia is 1,2 billion dollar and also Slovenia to Turkey is about 600 million dollar. Another point is that a huge part of exportated goods are from Ankara. An ambassador gave the information about factory also added this factory will employ 300 persons and the construction of factory will be end in a year. It is remarked that Jukic believes that the investment will consolidate the relationship between the Slovenia and Turkey and he complained about other countries which look with an evil eye to Turkey’s economic situation because he believed that Turkey is a important and great country about financial or economical areas.

On the other hand Baran said that they want to increase the lot of the exportation of Ankara to Slovenia about 2% and he talked about achievements of Ankara about health, turizm and industry and offered a collaboration. In the end of the meeting Baran gave a shawl to Igor Jukic as a gift for his visitation.

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