An Increase In Passengers At The Kayseri Airport

The number of passengers travelling from the Kayseri Airport is increasing. There has been 158 thousand 66 passengers at the domestic side and 14 thousand 457 passengers at the international side. The increase in passengers is very important for such a city's airport. This means that the number of passengers has increased by 13% from the previous month. The number of passengers travelling in March was 13% lower than in April. It was reported that the total increase of passengers was 13% by 172 thousand 523 passengers altogether.

Increase In The Number of Passengers

When the planes landing and flying are being checked, the number of passengers landing and flying from both the domestic and international airlines has increased very much. When the domestic airlines are been looked at, the number of passengers has increased to 26 thousand from the previous year's same month. In the international airlines, it has increased by 145 thousand with 4%. Looking at the number of planes landing and flying in the Kayseri Airport, we can see that the number has increased to one thousand and 171. The traffic for the planes that are caring cargo, has increased by 25% and has carried a total of 504 tons.

Exactly 500 Thousand Passengers In 3 Months

Looking at the same month of the previous year, there is a increase of 15% with a total of 500 thousand 528 passengers. The planes that are giving services has increased by 3,2%, with an extra 3 thousand 320. The planes that are working as cargos has increased by 24% with 4 thousand 709 tons. The increase in work limit has gone very high according to the previous months.

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