Akkök Holding To Invest 1.2 Billion TL In 2017

 Ahmet C. Dördüncü who is chairman of the executive board in Akkök Holding announced that DowAksa, one of the Akkök Holding companies, has made a $ 300 million deal with Vestas, one of the world's largest producers of wind turbines, for 4 years.

The Akkök Group which has more than 5 thousand employees and 18 production facilities, those are in Turkey and abroad, decided to take an investment decision which is value of 1.2 billion TL. Ahmet Dördüncü who is chairman of the executive board in Akkök Holding and Raif who is vice chairman of the executive board in Akkök Holding meet up at the fast-breaking meal in the previous evening with the financial press.


Dördüncü explained the plans and future investments of the Akkök Holding and then he indicates that they do not want to slow down about investment. He stated that "Sustainable growth and profitability has always been important for us to create value for our country and our stakeholders. Our aim is to place Akkök Holding to a position of producing technology for the future. We are paying attention to realizing our investments in this direction. "

We are looking a company in abroad”

"Wind turbines will work more efficiently"

The product which is worth of $1.5 provides value of $30”

It will be used in the cars of future”

"The domestic rate will increase in the wind sector"

"We will contribute to the prestige of Baghdad Street"

"We continue to invest in renewable energy"

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