Ahmet Arslan’s Expression On Channel Of Istanbul

Ahmet Arslan, who is the minister of transport, expressed that numerous projects such as Channel of Istanbul will provide many things with much more suitable circumstances apart from commercial credits.


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Ahmet Arslan continued to explain that five routes have been worked on. However, all these routes have positive and negative effects with each other. Besides, he added that all the negative and positive effects –namely advantages and disadvantages are assessed on the basement of demands and expectations of other ministers and institutions. In addition, he claimed that these assessments were carried out regarding especially Thracian part of Istanbul. And he added that such routes will be determined provided that different arguments are included because of the finance technique.

Ahmet Arslan claimed that the project will be activated as soon as possible due to the fact that this project wants much more time to dig unlike other small projects. This route will have a distance about 42-43 km.

All in all, these expressions of the minister of transport depict a portray of a different and an innovator point of view. Different routes and the usage of these roads might be beneficial for human beings. Organizations of these five roads will enhance the people to spend their much time, and they will be able to reach everywhere wherever they want in an easy way. Thus, acceleration of this project serves as a significant service to all humanity.

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