After Sales Decision Launched

Development Bank of Turkey, decided to sell their property. His own property made his sale. The total value of these properties is 91.5 million Turkish liras. The number is 54 pieces. Development Bank of Turkey wanted to sell these properties. So the market gains momentum. Turkey Development Bank of Turkey has authorized the headquarters for the sale of this property. Following the news of the Development Bank of Turkey said shares rise by up to 10 percent.


Later, various explanations were made. In these explanations, it was mentioned that the properties to be sold out were determined by voting. It was stated that the majority of the votes were decided to be sold. Besides, it was mentioned that if there are real estates that sales are not realized, they can be given to the rent. Following these explanations Turkey Development Bank shares gained in value very quickly. An increase of up to 10% was achieved.

Many points were mentioned in the explanation. A statement was made to inform the public. Details of the sale of real estate are given in this explanation. Development Bank of Turkey Public in the statement Disclosure Platform "Our bank board in our possession with the decision of a total of 91 million 488 thousand 300 TL appraised value of 54 pieces of various real estate sales to be removed, while the appropriate real estates realized sales headquarters in order to provide administration by lease authorities were authorized with a vote of union "phrases were used.

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