Advantages of investing in Pendik

Nowadays many investments are made in the field. Investments made in the real estate field seem to be more guaranteed for people. Thanks to these investments, people can multiply their money. Istanbul Pendik became an important center in this sense. It makes the investor happy. The pendulum region has many advantages. This is why investors are interested. The location is a good spot. Close the whole thing. Access to this area is more convenient.



Location is an advantageous point. Close to many industrial zones. It offers business opportunities due to its close proximity to industrial zones. Sabiha Gökçen Airport is also located in this district. Accessibility is very easy. In minutes, people are reaching the airport. This is what is preferred.

The importance of Pendik

Pendik has an important position. Due to its location, property prices are constantly increasing. With the new projects, the real estate sector is developing in this region. Due to the increasing interest, housing projects are increasing in this region. With the newly opened metro lines, transportation has been given a different dimension.

Everybody Eligible Housing

In this district there are affordable housing for every budget. This is why people are preferred. There are luxury residences for high income people. There are also housing for low income people. In the coming days, investments made in Pendik are a real winner. DAP Holding Chairman Ziya Yılmaz stated that this region will be further evaluated in the future. That's why everyone told me that they invested here.

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