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These days  we are all fussy to buy house is hard for many of us. Especially young couples who just married has to have saving for buy house. In big cities build houses increasing  di rectly proportional with populatıon. Especially in Istanbul  new houses built  filss up quickly.

Populatıon grows   influenced  build houses  and also houses prices growth with the directly proportional.  In Istanbul, Izmır and lots of big cities prices are going up highly.


What Citizens Are Doing

When we look on statisticks, taking  credits  from banks decrasing about  30% by the way  buying house with the bills is grow up 20%

Already lots of people buy home with bills. Bank credits gave place to bills.

When we look at statistics first five cities be arrangd lıke thıs: IMuş, Gümüşhane, Niğde, Bingöl and Karabük.

When we look at the statisticks sellings houses of fırst mounth of year 172 houses sold and 10 of them sold with bank credits , 162 sold with bills.

So Which  Method

Lot of us have to make saving for long years  for buy house. Experts warning that, ıf you want to buy house under constraction andı f banks don’t give any credit change ıdea and sta away from thıs.

You have to search firm very well for buy house.


If you don’t trust the fır mor ıf you are not sure ıformayıons about fırm never sıgn the bılls.

To sıgn bills is looking very simple but ıf Works goes bad  results can be very hard. Especially you have to leqrn that building firm have to have all documents  for build houses. To buy houses with bills yıu have to take yourself under guaranty and when you buy house with the bills you have to sign bills as one by one separeted and after paynone of this bills you have to take back which you payed.

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