‘A Very Important Step in Water Insulation Was Taken’

IZODER (Heat, Water, Sound and Fire Insulation Association) President Levent Pelesen, Earthquake Week on March 1-7 made a statement. Insulation industry protect organization of IZODER, hence his statement of March 1 to 7 Earthquake Week, is still not prepared for earthquakes in Turkey, secure and drew attention to the need to rapidly increase the number of qualified building.


Safety of Life And Property

IZODER President Levent Pelesen, "In a country located in the earthquake zone, the most basic measures to be taken in order to ensure the safety of life and property to build long-lasting and depression resistant buildings come. For this reason, the structures must be protected against corrosion by firstly being equipped with waterproofing." Levent Pelesen, Chairman of IZODER, who aims to raise awareness of the public and the sector about insulation, said that water insulation, which will protect the main elements (iron and concrete) Levent Pelesen stresses that one of the most sensitive points of reinforced concrete structure systems is the susceptibility to water. "When the structures penetrate the water, the iron equipment in the bearing elements rusts by being exposed to corrosion and reduces the life and durability of our buildings. The results of the inspections made by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Damage Assessment Commission after the 17th of August earthquake revealed that 55 percent of the 651 houses and 79 percent of the damaged workplaces are damaged and 64 percent of the workplace's corrosion is detected.

We Should Evaluate The Opportunity of Urban Transformation Well

Threat of earthquakes in Turkey, building life and durability in terms of great importance to have a lot of water, indicating that an important step Levent Pelesen in isolation, said: "Environment and by the Ministry of Urbanism, shortcomings in the legislation with IZODER the support and initiative prepared to eliminate ' Water Insulation Regulation in Buildings' in the Official Gazette dated October 27, 2017. This regulation, which is a major deficiency in water insulation, will bring significant changes to the country in our country. "

Levent Pelesen emphasized that urban transformation is an opportunity to reach a safe, healthy and comfortable building. "We can contribute billions of dollars to our country's economy every year by constructing all the buildings with proper insulation applications by taking advantage of the opportunity of urban transformation today".


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