A Surprise Person At World Petrol Congress

This year, between the 9th and the 13th of July in İstanbul, for the first time the Turkish Committee of World Petrol Congress will carry out the congress and also Turkey will do the honours fort he first time. The World Petrol Council announced that the foreign secretary of the USA will participate at the World Petrol Congress(WPC).

What is the World Petrol Congress?

In World Petrol Congress the main aim is listening the sectoral developments from the horse’s mouth; tackling in a sectoral conjuncture searching, producing, progress, refining, marketing, transportation, rating, environment, social responsibility, human capital, sustainability, geopolitcs, education, bring in the young people to the sectors and more of the same topics.


Who is The Surprise Person?

According to the information received above 50 countries’ secretaries of state for energy will participate in congress but the surprise person in this congress will be Rex Tillerson who is the foreign secretary of the USA and also he will receive an award from council which is called “Dewhurst” and situated as a honor award. Before his secretaryship Tillerson was the head of the ExxonMobil and at those times he made huge contributions about petrol and natural gas pursuant to congress therefore this award will given to him.

İstanbul is Host

This year congress’s theme will be The Bridges to Our Energy Future and a lot of secretary and senior staff from world-wide will be in İstanbul and the agenda will be about efficient usage of the sources of petrol and natural gas.

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