A New Project Has Been Prepared For The Historic Truck Farms In Yedikule

A new project is being prepared for the historic truck farms in Yedikule. Old Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Chairman Kadir Topbaş vetoed plans for the Ottoman Palace in 2014, the plans for the historic field were developed and taken to the agenda of the Metropolitan Assembly again. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has tendered approximately 12 million TL for the landscaping business prepared according to the new plans. In the Yedikule Bostanları project, which was previously vetoed, it has been much debated whether to increase the number of the cafes, the parking lots and exhibition areas by narrowing the track farm areas. The proposal submitted by the Assembly to the Zoning and Urban Renewal Committees will be taken back to the Assembly agenda after the report prepared by the commissions regarding the proposal.

According to the news of Mehmet Demirkaya from the Habertürk newspaper, the IMM tendered for the second time the work of regulating the area covering the Yedikule Bostanları region before the plan change.

The project "Yedikule Belgrad Landscape Construction" was tendered for the first time in 2013, and the plans for the responses were vetoed by the former Mayor Topbaş, and no arrangements were made.

 According to the agreement signed with İşsan on 1 December 2017, the regulation should be completed by 2 October 2018. In the new project more greenhouse, the market area, the children's playground, healing plants, such as the garden will be found.

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