8 Rules You Need To Take Care Of When Buying A New Home

1- Determine your home budget clearly. If you set your budget right at the beginning of a home search, it is important that you do not waste your time in vain and you do not consume your energy in this process.

2- Pre-emptive all-in-home options. Buying a home is a relatively difficult process. It is therefore important that you do not prejudge all the appropriate home options before making a decision, not to regret it later.

3- Check if there is a vehicle in the house you want to take.

4-Investigate the eligibility conditions of the home credit. In this process, the credit will make an effort for an unsuitable home, and in addition to the loss of time, this situation will cause you to lose cash because the expertise fee is not refunded after you have paid the expertise fee to the bank.

5- Compare the desired price with the market value.


6- The question of whether there is a mortgage or a harassment record on the house. In the case of a foreclosure record from the house you wish to buy, it is not possible to obtain a credit card with or without credit except for a few exceptions, as long as there is no foreclosure.

7- Be careful that there is damp if the house paint is new. At the beginning of the topics that are frequently complained about new housing purchases, the house gets moisture.

8- Evaluate the terms of the tenancy if there is a tenant in the house to be bought. If the tenant is sitting at the house you want to buy, it is very important that you review the terms of the current lease contract and decide on that direction.

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