761 Turkish Lira Installment House

TOKI will carry out a project in Sincan county of Ankara. It is known that the sale will be realized by the method of Kura. Applications are made from all branches of the People's Bank of Turkey(HALKBANK). The TOKI application will be held from 3 November to 17 November 2017.


Within the scope of the project, the number of houses being offered for sale was determined. If the number of applications is more than this number, the lottery method will be going on. In the presence of the Notary, "Housing Acquisition and Housing Determination" will be held on November 24, 2017. The making of this lottery will vary depending on the number of request. There may be fewer request than housing. In this case "Housing Acquisition and Determination'' not make. The apartment blocks to be used will be determined. After that, housing selection will be held based on the application order.

It is a project that TOKI has spent in Ankara. This project name is TOKI Ankara Sincan Saraycik housing project. The areas of the apartments vary. The net area will be apartments ranging from 67 square meters to 85 square meters. Some down payment is required. You can buy a house with 120 months maturity by paying 25% down payment. Installments are set at 761 TL per month. You can be a host by paying 761 Turkish Liras a month. 10 percent down payment is required in the apartments whose area varies between 92 square meters and 112 square meters. Payments are made with 96 months maturity. This project attracts everyone's interest. To apply, visit the branches of the People's Bank.

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