700 Milion Liras of Investment on Railway Workshop

700 Milion Liras of Investment on Railway Workshop

There is new project just started in between EGE Yapı and Emlak Konut GYO. The project will be held on in İstanbul Yedikule in cer workshops to maintanance and to repair railway equipment. The Project Cer Istanbul will contain residences, offices, hotels and commercial units. Cer workshop was opened in 1871 and was closed in 1997, as a result the historical places stayed idle. Emlak Konut was construct a bid for 40 tausand meter square field 5 years ago. The bid was win by Ege Yapı. After a long term preparation steps the Yedikule project has started. The delivery time of project is 24 months and there will be 10 vertical bloks and 5 registered building.

A very clean working

Related ministry, municipality and institutions were done necessary studies for project. The CEO of Emlak Konut GYO Murat Kurum said that the work is done very carefully. He continues that with this project the idle areas are having a new life. 306 milion sales total income and 106 milion of Emlak Konut share was tendered 5 years ago. Today, the expected sales total income 700 milion Lira has gained 2.5 times more value. In fact, this success has achieved against all negative situations in Turkey. This shows that the real estate is still looking for investors and proper investments.

The histrorical places will be restored.

The CEO of Ege Yapı İnanç Kabdayı said that the constructions are going on without doing any major changes on constructions, one of the historical place will be a hotel and the negotiations are still going on for this hotel. There will be 125 residences in Cer İstanbul with floor types from 1+1 to 6+1. The price of metersquare of these residences are cahnging from 11 tausand lira to 20.


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