7.2 Billion Liras İn 3 Years From The Sale Of İmmovable Are Expected To Be Achieved

In the next 3 years, 7 billion 182 million 647 thousand TL income is foreseen from the sale of real estate, including lodging, social facilities and livestock

According to the information gathered from the data of the Central Government Budget Draft of the year 2018, next year 5 million lira lodging, 10 million lira social facility, 2 million lira other building sales, 150 million 863 thousand lira land, 822 million 30 thousand lira land, 1 billion 111 million 456 thousands of other real estate sales, including the total of 2 billion 101 million 349 thousand liras revenue is expected.

In 2019, a total of 1 billion 284 million 431 thousand TL land, 877 million 126 thousand TL other immovables, 251 million 439 thousand TL land, 15 million lira social facility, 10 million lira lodging, 2 million 200 thousand lira other building sales 2 billion 440 million 196 thousand liras income is planned to be obtained.

According to the bill, in 2020 there will be 1 billion 489 million 943 thousand liras of land, 811 million 432 thousand liras of other immovables, 301 million 727 thousand liras of land, 20 million liras of social facilities, 15 million liras of lodging and 3 million liras of other buildings sales a total of 2 billion 641 million 102 thousand liras revenue is targeted.

Thus, within the next 3 years total of 7 billion 182 million 647 thousand TL is expected from real estate sales.

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