65 Thousand Houses To Be Built In Istanbul

PRIME MINISTRY The Housing Development Administration (TOKİ) has completed applications for 1,822 housing units sold in Istanbul Kayaşehir. TOKİ aims to revive the neighborhood culture in Kayaşehir while planning to produce 65 thousand houses in the scope of urban transformation in Istanbul.

TOKİ Chairman Ergun Turan stated that the citizens showed a great interest in the residences, 39 thousand 179 applications came to our social housing for the middle income layer in the city of Kayaşehir. 


"Our sector is rapidly growing both in technical and quality terms, with sales of 1 million 341 thousand houses sold in the past year and a record breaking." The number of houses sold in the first 7 months of this year is more than that of the first 7 months of the last year. This demand in the housing sector in our country, which is in a great development pace, is an indicator of the economic growth and the confidence of our citizens as an economy. "
Turan, indicating that the apartments that have completed their applications are budgeted from 1 + 1 to 3 + 1s, said that with the minimum cost to appeal to the needs and purchasing power of different sectors, 2 thousand 942 for 1 + 1 apartments, 24 thousand 288 for 2 +1 apartments and 11 thousand 949 applications for 3 +1 apartments.

Turan said that TOKI reached 803 thousand housing numbers and that its targets are to produce one million 200 thousand houses by 2023. Turan, who said that they had tendered 65 thousand houses last year and that they will catch the same target this year, stated that they had tendered 46 thousand houses during the year.


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