52 Billion Liras Credit for Housing Used

In the last year of August, the banks decreased the interest rates on the housing loans and both the record of 1 million 341 thousand in the residence and the increase of the loan amount for the housing increased 6 billion TL. According to the GYODER report, it is predicted that 450 thousand people in 2016 will spend 52 billion TL to buy housing.


The Association of Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Partnership (GYODER) announced that in the second half of the year GYODER and Real Estate Housing REIT campaigns and banks have been slowing the interest rates and making the sector move.

GYODER has published “GYODER Indicator Turkey Real Estate Sector 2016 4th Quarter Report”, which the real estate sector explores in sub-periods quarterly.

The dynamics of the Turkish real estate sector were analyzed and it was stated that the sale of 1 million 341 thousand 453 houses in Turkey in 2016 was recorded as the most important development for 2016.

In the second half of the year, GYODER and Emlak Housing REIT’s campaigns and banks have pointed out that the sector has been actively stimulating interest rates, and it is emphasized that various campaigns for housing sales have boosted buying motivation.

It is stated that the housing price indices are on the rising trend and the rental value index is decreasing in December.

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