50 Thousand Lodgings Are On Sale

Turkish Finance Minister said that there will a huge sale of houses which are used for public purposes and residents have buying opportunity for these houses. Residents who want to have the property can buy it with 10 percent discount, after memorandum for defining the price of the house.

It has been published in the Turkish Official Gazette, the two important notifications of Ministry this year also there was another published rule about selling those houses which are normally rented to government staff and workers. The minister Ağbal showed that the notification of house selling of how the rule can be applied was published in Turkish Official Gazzete, by doing this, government staff has taken the advantage of being the first buyer.

Minister Ağbal also stated that as being one of the Ak Party governments, decisions are made to satisfy most of the people in the country, by adding “The selling procedure will be started with the houses that have condominium which is demanded purchase. The houses with no condominiums will be sold after some processes. There are more than 50 thousand houses for sale, except those houses used under security, justice and intelligence services purposes. The sale will take place after residents ask to buy the place. Purchase right will go to them after bid. Public properties will be sold in 48-month installments, bank credit allowed.” Minister underlined that there will not be any sale process for the houses which placed in commercial and industrial areas, there will be no new buying or building houses in the city centers and more valuable areas. “

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