5 Cities To İnvest İn Real Estate After Istanbul

Istanbul is the first place to invest in real estate. However, apart from Istanbul, some of the cities of Anatolia also increase their attractiveness in terms of property investment. Which cities are prominent in real estate investment? The cities that stand out in real estate investment outside Istanbul are for you.


After Istanbul, Başkent Ankara stands out as an important alternative for investors. With the expanding metro network and urban transformation in the capital Ankara, land and housing prices are increasing. Ankara attracts foreign investors too.


The number of projects that have been living in İzmir is increasing day by day. The increase in the housing prices in İzmir, where the studies about urban transformation continues, attract attention. According to a study by British real estate company Knight Frank, 3 out of 20 cities with the highest housing prices are located in Turkey.


Real estate experts say that Bursa has great potential in terms of real estate sector.


Kayseri, one of the industrial centers of Anatolia, also stands out in the real estate sector. The production of qualified housing in Kayseri seems to be widespread. Both sales and rental prices continue to increase.



İzmit Körfez Transition Bridge, that is Osman Gazi Bridge, causes the prices of housing and land in the region to rise. It brings mobility to the real estate market. The province, where the interest of domestic and foreign investors is directed, becomes a city where real estate investment can be made. With the completion of the road and the bridge, it is indicated on the attraction center of the region.

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