5 Big Tenders for 1.3 Million m2 From Emlak Konut

Emlak Konut GYO is organizing tenders for 5 big projects! The projects are Istanbul Riva, Zeytinburnu, Tuzla and with two stages-İzmir Alsancak. These projects will be realized on the total areas of 1,3million m2! The tenders meeting will be held in July and August. The projects which are started by Emlak Konut involve Riva land of Galatasaray and the land of Tariş Kooperatifler Birliği where is in Alsancak.

EKO-KOY Riva Tender is on June8, 2017!

According to the protocol which was signed between the Galatasaray Spor Klubü and Emlak Konut GYO on the date of June29, 2016, the tender applications for the Riva Land of 1.076.000m2 will start on May12, 2017. The Riva Tender will be realized June8, 2017 Thursday. EKO-KOY Riva Project provides the natural life spaces. The land has 869.522m2 housing area in total and also special forest areas of 206.497m2.

Alsancak Projects will be in 2 Stages


According to the protocol which was signed on the date of December1, 2016 between Taris Kooperatifler Birligi and Emlak Konut, a new project on a region which is named as “Behind the port” in Alsancak will be started. The tender will be realized in two stages. The tender announcement of the first stage will be on May15, 2017 and tender will be on June12, 2017.Th tender announcement of the second stage will be on May16,2017 and tender will be on June14, 2017. Project will be realized on the area of 143.366m2 in total. Zeytinburnu Tender will be on June6, 2017 and the applications for the Tuzla Tender will start on May17, 2017.

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