3rd Stage Toki Records Start in Dursunbey

Turkey’s collective housing administration (TOKI) continues to produce new projects throughout the country. Despite the economic problems in the last few years, the country which has managed to recover has aimed not to attract only domestic investors but also foreign investors in new projects. The new and affordable housing that is emerging in the world of extraordinary opportunities. The residential sales policy of the republic of Turkey, which is very suitable for credits and cash sales, offers credit opportunities not only for the domestic investor but also for the foreign investor. Balikesir is in the midst of the cities that have recently shined their stars. The 18th March Canakkale Bridge started to be built and Balikesir has caused the investment world to accelerate.


The district of Dursunbey, which is one of the important districts in Balikesir, has come up with a new project. A new project was prepared for the 3 stage TOKI project. 170 new housing units will be built. All the houses are eligible to buy with credit. There are 3 + 1 and 2 + 1 projects in the projects. It was announced that the houses will be in sizes ranging from 83 square meters to 113 square meters. For those who want to buy apartments in new projects, 4 thousand Turkish liras and 6 thousand Turkish liras need to invest in pre-participation. Dursunbey government explained that it is possible to apply to the project until April 26th in the statement that.

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