2017 Will be the Year of Investment

Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Şimşek expressed that the most remarkable characteristic of 2017 will be the increase in the state investments and continued to his words, “By this means, 2017 budget is an investment budget. If God permits, 2017 will be an investment year.”


Deputy Prime Minister delivered a speech representing the present government during the Turkish Grand National Assembly (Türkiye Büyük Millet Meclisi – TBMM) Budget Bill Draft Meeting pointed out that the most beautiful part of the democracy is the co-existence of the government and opposition parties and completing each other.


Şimşek stated that every issue experienced must be solved under the roof of TBMM and continued as, “We always have been in service policy. Increasing the democracy standards, struggling with tutorship centers, fortifying the constitutional state, political insurance and stability have always been our prior target.”


Şimşek pointed out that they never have compromised and they cannot compromise from financial discipline and added, “We have increase the welfare of the nation, we ensured that the welfare was spread to every corner of the nation. We have put great effort in terms of physical and mental work into the development of our nation, and we did not let inflation beat the workers who contribute to the national welfare. In terms of money policy, we always grounded on the price stability and we have been proceeding the struggle with the inflation decisively. We have never given any promise that we could not keep.”

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