200 Thousand Houses Will Change Every Year İn Istanbul

Minister of Environment and Urbanism Mehmet Özhaseki, Aegean earthquake in the region after the earthquake in the description of the situation. Mehmet Özhaseki, Minister of Environment and Urbanism, said: "We must all know that there may be earthquakes in the Aegean region, and scientists are already warning us that we have to make sure that all mayors and friends . "


Minister Özhaseki said that the Erzurum Universities Accomplishment was made by the MTTB Platform at the 17th Conventional Vefa Meeting held in Kayseri Kadir Has Congress Center and said that the climate changes in the last century as a result of the events that happened in the last century and destroyed nature have emerged as a reality.


Özhaseki said that the excess of carbon emissions and the deterioration of the balances on the earth's surface brought along some disasters, and he said: "The fact that extreme urbanization and reinforcing concrete has been proven also increases all of these. We have the possibility to prevent them. We can prevent many catastrophes from working. The geographical location and environment in which Turkey is located reveals once again that this country does not sit on a very solid ground in terms of seismicity and now 71 percent of the Anatolian geography is in the earthquake region. Countermeasures are taken. It's not an earthquake that actually takes people's lives. It is the evil constructions that take people's lives, that is what mankind has done. If we act with awareness of the earthquake reality, we can get rid of these earthquakes without any loss of life if we can set up an appropriate urbanization model. We can see it in many Far Eastern countries. "


Özhaseki pointed out that the buildings in 1999 were made more robust by the regulation in 1999, but from one side they tried to drill it and the desire for illegal building and insistence. Özhaseki pointed out that some municipalities have such reasons as to keep a dish like this from one side, "When they come side by side, this type of construction takes place in cities with a common guilt, and when the earthquake happens, everyone has to go out in fear. People will look at the delicacy as they say lullaby, and everyone will look for a hole to escape. " he said.

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