2 new giant districts come to Istanbul!

Mehmet Özhaseki, Minister of Environment and Urbanism, has made very important statements for Istanbul. Minister Özhaseki said that they are planning to carry out the urban transformation in Istanbul through 2 gigantic districts.


Minister Özhaseki said that when he mentioned the lack of trees in military areas in Istanbul, he found such an area on the European side and said that if this area were accepted, a new city would be established and that urban transformation of at least 10 villages could be done on that area.

Population will be 1 million

Mehmet Özhaseki, who said that they have built a special unit for Istanbul, stated that the new county planned on the Istanbul European Side will have a size of 10-12 districts. The new city to be built will be located on the European side. The new city, which will have a population of 1 million, will be in the neighborhood. This area will be moved primarily to residents in areas that can be demolished against the depression. The occupied territories, which should be used as social facilities, will be transported to the second station. Third, there is a health center.

Bonders to be transported

Minister Özhaseki will work on the new city plan until the end of the year. "I have to work with my own team, then I have to tell the Council of Ministers, I have to tell my president, then we have to tell the citizen." diyen Özhaseki said that this project is very closely related to the environment where Esenler, Güngören, Bağcılar, Eyüp and Sultangazi are.


Sites to be moved in the first place

1-) Esenler

2-) Güngören

3-) Bağcılar

4-) Eyüp

5-) Sultangazi

Özhaseki stated that they will issue a brand new city within 5 years and said that they attach great importance to the architectural structure of the planned new districts. 10-15 architects are working for the huge city to be built. With the new city, which is allowed up to 6 kata, the fear of the earthquake will end.

Earthquake cost $ 100 billion

66 percent of Turkey is under the risk of earthquakes and 71 percent of this figure is in the second degree earthquake zone. Minister Özhaseki said that most of the earthquake risk is in Istanbul. Ozhaseki said, "We will renovate 500,000 houses in the Senate, 200-300 of which will be in Anatolia, the rest of Istanbul, so we will renew 40% of the building stock.If the person wants to strengthen or change his building, When the municipality enters into this business, we will give the money with water at zero interest, and we will continue to give money when we do. "

Minister Özhaseki stated that İller Bank will be in charge for this work. Iller Bank will no longer give money to the upper buildings of the municipalities. Özhaseki stated that they expect income of 2 billion TL from Iller Bank's social facilities for sale.

New big cities may come

Özhaseki said that you had studies about the big cities. Ozhaseki stated that 750 thousand songs could be changed to become a metropolis, "There is a debate here, the next days the parliament will come."

There is an inspection of the ministry

A new study is being done for the construction supervision. The municipal authorities will be given general authorization for zoning supervision in municipalities. "We will inspect the construction law in general and we will control it, starting from the metropolitan cities, we will establish an inspection system that spreads to the central districts and provinces." 

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